Saturday, July 11, 2009

Bryan Park Update

The B race has a new leader, Joel Miller has taken the prestigious Bozo jersey from Team Natures Path teammate Oliver Dujua (sort of Contador v Armstrongish) so lets see how team dynamics work over the next few weeks. Good job Joel with 3 straight wins though. Here are the standings
Joel Miller 67
Oliver Dujua 64
CJ Congrove 50
Robert Anderson 30
Justin Brown 29
Ethan Lindbloom 21
Bruce Lowekamp 20
Michael Yengling 17
Christian Sheridan 16
Jonathan Pham 15
Dominik Meier 15
Andrew Roberts 15
Braden Govani 13
Hugh Brown 10
Joseph Obrien-Applegate 9
Brandon Smith 9
Tim Lamb 9
Ryan Hartman 9
John Beck 8
Ed Baumgartner 6
Kieran Mcloughlin 6

The A race shows that Dan King (Van Dessel) can really look at having the Tuxedo jersey custom fitted as he has truly been a model of consistency with 3 wins and no showing less than third. Fantastic job, that's the way to get the most from your summer pass. You can tell your family that it safe to go on vacation at this point
Dan King 100
Jeff Buckles 29
Matt Carlton 26
Mason Haymes 25
Chip Goble 23
Craig Dodson 20
Andrew Ali 19
Shawn Tunstall 19
Jon Gaudio 16
Jeff Brandon 15
Andrew Troy 15
Stu Louder 14
Chris McMillian 13
Sean Carithers 10
Dominik Meier 9
Marc Warner 9
Keck Baker 8
Tim Mullins 8
Curtis Smith 8
Adam Switter 8
Brenden Cornett 7
Owen Hassig 7
Ed McNelis 7
Jon Phan 6

Finally, we introduced a women's point race two weeks ago and hit the bare minimum with three entrants. Emily Helmboldt (RCWR) took the top women's spot. The idea went over so well that ZERO women entered this week. Women's bike race fever, catch it! On the flip side we had twelve 10-14 year olds in the junior race and 6 of them were girls (way fast too) so there is hope for the women's sport. I really do hope to see more women out there in the future.

Until next time
Matt Marchal
Altius Cycling Team

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