Sunday, June 28, 2009

Bryan Park Update

There will be a little hangover this week at Bryan Park as we slip back to our regular races, but thanks to Stratton for putting on another great Workingman's.
A few notes for this week.

1) No kids race, that will resume next week
2) There are folks that want to race the B then the A. This is a training series so I want people to get the experience, but field size and experience of the rider is a must to make this move so from now on if you are in the top 3 in the B series of finish in the top three that night you may ride the A. If not, race harder next week.
3) Honoring a request, there will be a Women's only points jersey (and it's ugly). Here is the catch though. Points are only awarded if there are at least 3 women in the B race. So come on ladies and line up in the B, go toe to toe with guys and gals and we will score out the women separately. The B fields are much larger than any VA womens only race so it will make your racing and bike handling skills that much better, plus you can show up all your friends with your lovely new points jersey.

See you Tuesday

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