Thursday, June 18, 2009

June 16th Bryan Park

Another fun race, thanks to those who came out.
In the B race Joel Miller and Dominik Meier took off early and rode away from the field. The gap between first and second for the Bozo Jersey is pretty tight and word has it that CJ may miss the next couple of races which could change everything. Dominik, word on the street says that you need to stay in the A race.

B points
CJ Congrove 50
Oliver Dujua 44
Joel Miller 27
Justin Brown 22
Bruce Lowekamp 20
Michael Yengling 17
Jonathan Pham 15
Ethan Lindbloom 15
Dominik Meier 15
Hugh Brown 10
Joseph Obrien-Applegate 9
Brandon Smith 9
Christian Sheridan 8
Andrew Roberts 8
Ed Baumgartner 6
Braden Govani 6
Kieran Mcloughlin 6

In the A race numerous breaks tried to get away only to get pulled back. I raced my first crit in 8 months thanks to Ann Hardy officiating - thanks Ann, and glad I didn't crash anyone. In the end Craig Dodson shot the gap and narrowly beat tuxedo wearing Dan King for the win. Unlike the B race, Dan is coming out hard early. He may have this one sewn up by August.

A points
Dan King 60
Jeff Buckles 29
Mason Haymes 25
Matt Carlton 20
Craig Dodson 20
Andrew Ali 19
Jeff Brandon 15
Stu Louder 14
Sean Carithers 10
Dominik Meier 9
Shawn Tunstall 9
Keck Baker 8
Tim Mullins 8
Curtis Smith 8
Brenden Cornett 7
Owen Hassig 7
Ed McNelis 7
Jon Gaudio 6
Chris McMillian 6

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