Sunday, August 2, 2009

Bryan Park Update

Sorry this has been a bit tardy, trying to ride and it's amazing how that gets in the way of things.
So a quick recap of the past few weeks
Impressive feats/notable items
- Two weeks ago we had a handicap race where the Cat 5s got a 30 second lead on the 4s in the B race and the 3's got the same on the 1/2s in the A. It was unannounced and made for some fun racing. The 5's almost held off the 4s. The 3's wilted like a cheap flower though and were caught pretty quickly. We'll do that again sometime.
- Dan King continues to rock the A race winning two weeks in a row (and 5of 9 total) with a bike throw each time. He now has a nearly insurmountable lead and I don't think I would recognize him without the Tuxedo jersey.
- Mason Haymes showed in the A race that its not the bike, its what you do with it when he was forced to race his cross bike with a 48 front ring. Knowing that he couldn't win the finish he buried himself and took 3 primes essentially winning more than if he won the race. Impressive and smart.
-Jimmy McMillan dug out his road bike, showed up and proceeded to win the A race in his first crit in well over a year.
-The B race is much closer than the A, but CJ Congrove seems to to be settling into the Bozo Jersey. TNP seems to struggle with how to create a strategy to keep him from riding off with one lap to go
- CJ also did an impressive double last week by winning the B and then taking 7th in the A so that may be why TNP can't catch him.
- Emily Helmbolt continues to hold the women's jersey by being the best placed female finisher in the one and only race where we had 3 women.
- Finally I only got the top 3 in the June 21 B race. Thought 568 was 4th but can't find that # on the reg list. 5 and 7 were TNP but you got out of there so fast I couldn't find out who it was and Carytown was 6th. If you fit any of these descriptions let me know. You don't win anything but I want to give series points to those who deserve them.

If I have forgotten anyone else's amazing accomplishments, please feel free to post and my apologies.
Thanks to everyone for coming out. This week, numbers on the right and juniors at 5:30 PM
Points Below

Matt Marchal

Dan King 140
Craig Dodson 35
Matt Carlton 34
Mason Haymes 34
Jeff Brandon 30
Jeff Buckles 29
Shawn Tunstall 29
Chip Goble 23
Jon Gaudio 22
Jon Wirsing 22
Andrew Ali 19
Dominik Meier 18
Ian Marcuse 17
Andrew Troy 15
Curtis Smith 15
Stu Louder 14
Chris McMillian 13
Sean Carithers 10
Tim Hargrave 10
Ryan Mele 10
Marc Warner 9
Keck Baker 8
Tim Mullins 8
Adam Switter 8
Gera Castro 8
Brenden Cornett 7
Owen Hassig 7
Ed McNelis 7
Peter Raimist 7
Jon Phan 6
Chad Rathbone 6
CJ Congrove 6

CJ Congrove 110
Joel Miller 86 - (moved to A race)
Oliver Dujua 64
Tim Lamb 49
Robert Anderson 30
Justin Brown 29
Ethan Lindbloom 29
Brandon Smith 24
Bruce Lowekamp 20
Henry Dagurnno 18
Michael Yengling 17
Christian Sheridan 16
Jonathan Pham 15
Dominik Meier 15
Andrew Roberts 15
Ed Baumgartner 15
Braden Govani 13
Hugh Brown 10
Joseph Obrien-Applegate 9
Ryan Hartman 9
John Beck 8
Steve Coelho 7
Jim McCaskill 7
Kieran Mcloughlin 6
Ed Pillsbury 6

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